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T&D Construction Sdn Bhd

Construction has been T&D Group’s venture business since its formation. Synergies for growth were forged as the Group sought to diversify into other sectors related to its construction business.


T&D Construction Sdn Bhd, (T&D) is a registered company under the 1995 Company Act. Registered and is a wholly owned Bumiputra Company. The core business
of T&D Constructions is a civil structural, infrastructure and building works.

T&D grew stronger with knowledge and expertise when the company had a chance to work with large organizations in Malaysia. Now, T&D has diversified and increased its size of operations with reference to the projects and geographical spread.

T&D has always been in the frontline in servicing the housing development industry. We have completed various major projects thanks to the experience that dates back to the early 19’s.

Our Promise

At T&D’s, we not only view quality as paramount but we take immense pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations. Simply put, their satisfaction is our honor.

Our Philosophy

Operational Excellence
The predecessor company founded by four brothers has now evolved to a more recognizable T&D, gathering unparalleled accomplishments and vast know-how since inception. In addition, having achieved consistency across all our construction works, we have established a brand that is identifiable with dependability and quality assurance. More importantly, a key initiative of ours has always been continual machineries upgrade, allowing us to maintain our high operational capability.

Relations Development
We are earnestly geared towards being customer-centric. We do this by paying meticulous attention to our customers and working harmoniously with their consultants. The end result is one of unsurpassed value created for our clients. Such relationships also exist in every aspect of our value-chain; fostering superior ties with our suppliers, subcontractors, authorities and among employees, moving forth by means of a cohesive alliance.

Broad-range Services & Facilities
The broad-range of construction services provided includes, mainaccess, bridge, road, drainage, sewerage, water reticulation works, retaining wall, site-clearing, earthworks, reservoir, building, landscaping and other ancillary works.

In promoting greater operational control, we have been actively acquiring complementary assets, further expanding our vast production facilities. Materials supplied are extensive, in particular quarry, pre-mix, sand and precast products. Further complementing our construction activities, is a whole range of heavy machineries and materials transport lorries that we possess at our disposal.

People & Culture
We have an experienced and dedicated management team to ensure the proper functioning of all operations. The rank-and-file, on the other hand, is the engine behind our business success. We constantly foster innovation, integrity, skills upgrade and promote a culture, affirming to all that every employee plays a vital role in every project.

Why Us?

Our Mission

Realizing world class infrastructure quickly and efficiently is crucial to enabling the growth and competitiveness of cities in the region where the provision of necessary infrastructure often lags demand due to various constraints.

“T&D Constructions, corporate philosophy is based on our 3H principles of Building a Healthy organization, Being an Honorable winner, and Making an Honest fortune to perpetuate a reputable image and success”.

All developments are founded on the distinctive Four Quality Pillars namely Design Quality, Community & Amenities, Healthy Lifestyle and Safety & Security. Driven by these principles, T&D is committed to creatively built homes within green tranquil settings complete with quality infrastructure
and facilities. Our townships are innovatively designed to meet the varied needs of the community and are prime investments.

Our Vision

Meet Our Team

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Abd. Karim B. Mohammed
Abd. Karim B. MohammedT&D Group Managing Director
Abd. Karim B. Mohammed
Abd. Karim B. MohammedT&D Group Managing Director
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